5 SEO Trends That Will Influence Digital Marketing

5 SEO Trends That Will Influence Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has been an integral part in the growth of small business for a long time now and this implies that the importance and role of SEO have increased drastically. SEO plays a vital role in increasing the traffic to your website. However, you need to play by the rules set by Google so that your web traffic does not drop. For this reason, you must know about various SEO google trends that will change the field of digital marketing in 2018 and years to come.

Social media search

Many people have started to use social media platforms as search engines, and while search engines will always remain dominant, they are transforming into an ancillary platform for search. While this seems to be beneficial to business, as the trend increases in popularity, your content must be optimized for social media networks the same as it is for search engine platforms. It offers the advantage of using paid and organic targeting.

Voice search

Voice search services such as the use of virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri are designed to make recommendation centered on organic search results. Optimization of keywords as conversational phrases will result in long-tail success. Typically, the number one ranked result becomes the recommendation and attaining a top position is simply provided you match conversational phrasing properly.

Video engagement

Due to the introduction of the smartphone, together with high-speed internet and user-friendly social media platforms, there has been a tremendous increase in video engagement. By the end of this year, search engines will start to recognize video engagement in user behavior and reward business that appeals to existing user preference. People will begin experiencing large advancement in both image and video acknowledgment by search engines.

Link building and influence marking

It is evident that influencer marketing is continuously increasing and it is very effective in some industries. Instead of just establishing a direct conversion, using influencer marketing will provide high-level links effectively and quicker. This will improve the ranking of your site on search engines and this will create a win-win scenario. As this trend becomes more popular, marketers will get an effective way of increasing domain authority and secure links.

Quality is king

For you to procure better google rankings, you must have the capabilities to produce content frequently. Note that there is a place for that, particularly for establishing brand authority. Nevertheless, if your objective is to get high rankings on competitive keywords, short and recurring articles will not be suitable. In 2018, SEO Company must concentrate on long content coupled with a solid promotion strategy.

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